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Divorce case ruling 'could have broad impact'

Divorce case ruling 'could have broad impact'

A ruling being awaited in an appeal case concerning a divorce could be significant, it has been suggested.

The trial centres on property magnates Robert and Vincent Tchenguiz, who are seeking the right to use thousands of documents which they took from the computer of Vivian Imerman.

They got the information as a means of helping their sister, Lisa Tchenguiz, in her divorce claim.

According to the Times Online, the decision in the scenario will determine the behaviour of spouses in future instances of legal separation.

The news source claimed that the case will be "keenly watched".

It added that during the opening of the appeal, three senior judges posed many questions and chipped in with comments.

The publication added: "The three seemed to be giving ... the brothers' [QC] quite a hard time - but then perhaps they were only testing the arguments."

Meanwhile, research published recently by suggested that the average length of time it takes to get over a divorce is 17 months and 26 days.