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Worker settles with employer in alleged discrimination case

Worker settles with employer in alleged discrimination case
A man who accused his former employer of discriminating against him has won a settlement.

Tim Nicholson was made redundant from his position as head of sustainability with Grainger in July 2008.

According to the 42-year-old, the firm - a residential landlord that employs a total of around 18,000 people - got rid of him because of his opinions about the dangers of climate change.

This, he suggested, put him at odds with senior executives in the organisation.

Mr Nicholson said bosses at the business had failed to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

He threatened to take his case to tribunal and said he was seeking over £700,000 in compensation, mainly for loss of earnings and pension rights.

Now, he has been awarded nearly £100,000 in an agreement.

According to his legal representative, the two parties reached a deal amicably and Grainger denied that Mr Nicholson's views were the reason why he was made redundant.