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Woman wins landmark disability discrimination case

Woman wins landmark disability discrimination case

A woman has won a victory in what has been described as a landmark case in disability discrimination.

Elizabeth Boyle, who has vocal nodules, has been awarded £125,000 from her ex-employer SCA Packaging, the BBC reports.

The condition involves the growth of benign callous-like objects on the vocal cords and symptoms include pain, hoarseness and an unstable voice while speaking.

She claimed that the firm had changed her working environment in a way that would have threatened her voice.

Managers sought to remove a partition separating her office from a stock control room and Ms Boyle believed this would have an adverse impact on her health.

She subsequently began legal proceedings and, a year later, was made redundant.

This caused her to add claims of victimisation and unfair dismissal to her case.

Eventually, the issue ended up in the House of Lords and now it has been ruled that bosses need to take action if the return of a medical problem "could well happen" due to working conditions.