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Race discrimination victim to keep compensation

Race discrimination victim to keep compensation

A woman who was the victim of race discrimination is to get to keep the compensation awarded to her.

During a previous hearing ex-council officer Rosene Railton won her claim and it was ruled she should receive £112,000, the Journal reports.

This was subsequently challenged by Northumberland County Council - which is based in County Hall, Morpeth - but the case has been thrown out.

While in her role at the organisation, Ms Railton, who is of Indian origin, was told not to eat lunch with other staff, was refused holidays and was told she did not fit in.

She was also given extreme workloads, it was revealed.

As a result, she suffered panic attacks and was left crying on the way to work. Ms Railton left her role, saying she was unable to cope.

She is to receive compensation to cover future loss of earnings and for pension rights and injury to feelings.