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Passwords 'should be handed on in wills'

Passwords 'should be handed on in wills'

People's wills should include some way of transferring their passwords, it has been suggested.

Commenting on the issue, Jeremy Toeman said that individuals increasingly have so-called "digital possessions" such as domain names and financial accounts which can only be accessed online through the use of passwords, the Financial Times reports.

Talking about his own situation, he said: "All the billing is electronic and my wife would never be notified about them if I died."

He has launched a service which enables consumers to save passwords to important online accounts and have them passed to a nominated person after their death.

So far, he has around 10,000 customers who use his website, with a "healthy proportion" opting to pay for a premium offering.

Meanwhile, Jesse Davis, the founder of a similar organisation called Entrustet, pointed out that people are spending real money on web accounts and they can be "economically or sentimentally valuable".

Research published earlier this year by Remember A Charity suggested that 63 per cent of UK consumers would like the chance to leave a video will.