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Ex-chief exec sues over alleged unfair dismissal

Ex-chief exec sues over alleged unfair dismissal

A man has gone to tribunal over claims that he was the victim of unfair dismissal.

Tim Wheeler, former chief executive of Brixton, alleges that he was sacked for "no good reason", the Times reports.

He lost his job at the industrial property group in March last year and suggests that the firm's chairperson, Lady Patten, had reacted in an aggressive manner when he attempted to discuss a pensions shortfall.

Mr Wheeler states that she prevented him from putting his concerns to other board members and repeatedly described his as "yesterday's man".

His appearance at a employment tribunal in central London is the first time he has spoken publicly about his grievance since he lost his role.

In June last year, Brixton was purchased by Segro - a firm with roots tracing back 90 years that specialises in acquiring or constructing buildings in industrial estates, business parks and edge-of-town developments for customers across Europe.