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Asbestos exposure linked to Malcolm McLaren's death

Asbestos exposure linked to Malcolm McLaren's death

Former Sex Pistols manager, recording artist and entrepreneur Malcolm McLaren's death has been linked to asbestos exposure in a shop he used to run.

Earlier this month, the 64-year-old lost his battle with the cancer mesothelioma.

Speaking to the Independent On Sunday, his partner Young Kim said a retail outlet he managed may have had the insulating material in its ceiling - which he had broken in order to create the effect of a bomb exploding.

Ms Kim remarked: "I always suspected that shop because it was the only place Malcolm ever really spent any serious length of time in and there was a lot of construction and changing things."

She added that she is angry that a doctor they went to see ignored the first signs of the condition and revealed she may take legal action over this.

Asbestos is associated with a range of medical conditions in addition to mesothelioma, including pleural plaques and asbestosis.