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Worker forced to resign over pregnancy wins compensation

Worker forced to resign over pregnancy wins compensation

A woman who argued she was forced out of her job when she became pregnant has been successful in her claims of discrimination.

Vicky Butler was employed by Volks Apart - a firm which specialises in new and recycled parts and panels for Volkswagen models - until last year, This is Local London reports.

The 25-year-old informed her bosses in April that she was expecting a baby.

She suggested that due to the unsympathetic nature of the way in which she was treated, she had to give up her role 11 weeks later.

Examples of the treatment she received included one instance in which when she was late to work because of morning sickness, her manager told her to get up earlier.

The tribunal panel said she felt as though she was dealt with less favourably because of pregnancy and she was "entitled to treat herself as dismissed".

It awarded her £5,937 for loss of earnings and a further £10,000 for unlawful sexual discrimination and injury to feelings.