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Woman secures compensation over medical errors

Woman secures compensation over medical errors
A woman who was left brain damaged as a result of medical errors has been awarded compensation totalling around £3.45 million.

In 2001, Grannia East went into the Royal Hospital Haslar - which is located on Haslar Road in Gosport - to have surgery to remove gall stones.

The 44-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest after vomiting during the procedure.

She now has problems with memory and concentration and is wheelchair-bound.

Speaking outside the High Court in London, her husband Shawn East said: "We have had a very hard fight getting compensation for Grannia but we have a magnificent legal team who fought brilliantly for us all the way."

He added that he is pleased the matter has now been dealt with and the family will not have to go to another trial.

According to Mr East, the money will mean they can now get and adapt a property for Grannia that is suitable to cater for her needs.