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Woman accuses football club of sexual discrimination

Woman accuses football club of sexual discrimination

An employee of Hearts Football Club (FC) has taken the organisation to an employment tribunal over claims of sexual discrimination.

Louise Mackenzie has been the secretary of the club since 2001 and took maternity leave in January 2008.

After returning on a part-time basis, she found she would no longer be working every home match day at the club's Tyncastle stadium.

The right to work such days was implied in her contract, she claims.

She said: "When I asked to come back part time I had never stated that I couldn't work match days, it was just the Wednesday and Thursday that I wanted off," the Deadline Press & Picture Agency reports.

Ms Mackenzie believed she had resolved the issue through a formal grievance procedure. However, further problems occurred.

The tribunal concerning her allegations about Hearts FC - a club which has a history dating back to 1874 - remains ongoing.