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Students and graduates 'concerned over ethnic discrimination'

Students and graduates 'concerned over ethnic discrimination'

A considerable number of students and recent graduates feel they may be discriminated against on the basis of their ethnic origin, it has been found.

Research conducted by found that nearly three in five such people claim to have been discriminated against.

Banking and finance was identified as the industry most prone to unfair treatment of this kind.

Spokesperson for the jobs website Mike Barnard commented: "Depressingly, students and graduates are starting their careers with a view discrimination is rife in the workplace."

Employers should be aware that a clear equal opportunities policy would encourage more applicants, he added.

In a bid to help jobseekers setting out on their careers, the government recently launched a Backing Young Britain Campaign, which aims to bring together businesses, public bodies and the voluntary sector to provide more employment opportunities.

It is being supported by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, which said that move is a positive one.