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Pay discrimination 'still exists'

Pay discrimination 'still exists'
Women are still the victims of unfair remuneration practices, it has been claimed.

According to Karen Gill, MBE, co-founder of everywoman, there is still considerable ground to be made up in terms of the level of pay female employees receive compared with their male counterparts.

Her comments follow the release of figures from the Office for National Statistics, which show that the overall gender pay gap for both part-time and full-time workers narrowed by 2.5 per cent last year.

The difference in remuneration levels for full-time workers declined from 12.6 per cent in 2008 to 12.2 per cent last year.

Meanwhile, for part-time employees, the gender pay difference narrowed to two per cent, compared with 3.7 per cent 12 months earlier.

Ms Gill remarked: "This is a key part of the everywoman manifesto, although there has been a slight move towards improving this gap, in real terms this is negligible and there's still a way to go."