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New paternity employment laws 'beneficial for families'

New paternity employment laws 'beneficial for families'

Families may benefit as a result of changes to paternity employment laws recently announced by the government.

This is according to Katja Hall, director of employment policy at the Confederation of British Industry, who said that the alterations will provide parents with greater flexibility in terms of how they adapt their childcare to their own situations.

Under the new legislation, mothers will be able to transfer the second half of their year-long maternity leave to the father.

The laws will come into effect next year, meaning firms will have a chance to adapt to the changes.

However, Ms Hall went on to suggest that the government must be careful not to over-complicate the rules as this would be detrimental.

She said: "We recognise the need for greater gender equality when it comes to childcare responsibilities, but the government must get these new rules right and not create a bureaucratic tangle."