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Millions of Britons 'relying on getting money in wills'

Millions of Britons 'relying on getting money in wills'

Many adults in the UK are failing to save sufficiently for their retirement because they believe they will be left money in the wills of others.

This is according to research conducted by savings solution provider Skandia, which suggested that one-third of consumers are waiting on inheritances or a lottery win to fund their post-work years.

Meanwhile, six per cent intend to marry someone rich who will be able to support them.

Michelle Cracknell, spokeswoman for the firm - which has operations in 20 countries, with the core of its business based in Europe - said that knowing they are in line to inherit money or property can make people more relaxed about their retirement.

However, she went on to say that it is "worrying" that so many people believe relying on such things will help them.

Ms Cracknell added: "Things can always change and the inheritance may go down in value or even disappear altogether."