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Marriage 'being delayed due to housing costs'

Marriage 'being delayed due to housing costs'
The cost of housing in the UK is causing young couples to delay getting married, it has been suggested.

A new survey commissioned by the Housing Federation found that such people are being put off getting hitched because of their inability to purchase a home.

Of those polled, seven per cent revealed they had delayed tying the knot because houses are currently out of their price range.

In addition, around 40 per cent stated that they would be deterred from marriage until they were in a position to afford to enter the property market, while over half said they would need parental help in order to buy a residence and get wed.

David Orr, chief executive of the federation - which claims to represent in the region of 1,200 independent, non-profit housing associations across England - said property prices have risen "well out of reach" of many individuals.

He added: "Young people are giving up hope of ever being able to afford their own home and who can blame them?"