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Man paralysed in car accident awarded compensation

Man paralysed in car accident awarded compensation

A man who was paralysed as a result of a car accident has been awarded compensation.

Wasim Mohammed has secured £11.5 million for his suffering and to cover the costs of his care for the rest of his life, the Yorkshire Post reports.

The accident occurred in 2006 when he was approaching his 19th birthday.

He was the passenger in a car which was being driven in excess of the speed limit.

The man in control of the car attempted to overtake another motorist at a junction but collided with it as it turned right. The vehicle then struck a wall.

As a result of the force of the impact, Mr Mohammed - who is from the large West-Midlands industrial town of Walsall - was left a tetraplegic.

He has no function in his legs and very little in his arms, meaning he is reliant on two carers for help with most activities.

Richard Langton, personal injury solicitor at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "Victims of catastrophic injury secure headline grabbing awards, but at a time of low returns on investment they still risk running out of money before they die.

"With excellent care and medical support Mr Wasim may well live for another 60 or 70 years and with care costs of £200,000 plus per year every penny of this award will be needed.

"He should not be treated like a lottery winner, indeed quite the reverse. No one would want to swap places with him."