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Gender inequality 'to continue in UK workplaces'

Gender inequality 'to continue in UK workplaces'

Gender inequality in UK workplaces is unlikely to be eradicated in the near future, it has been suggested.

According to research conducted by Friends Provident, differences in the ways in which men and women approach employment could serve as a barrier towards pay equality.

The Visions of Britain 2020 report produced by the firm - which has roots going back to 1832 - suggested that a third of people polled did not believe wage equality will be achieved within the next decade.

Many thought it would take considerably longer than this.

The study also found that 23 per cent of women would rather work less and be paid less, compared with 17 per cent of men.

Responding to the statistics, HR director for Friends Provident Gillian Fox said: "The report demonstrates an emerging difference between men and women's priorities in the workplace, which could impact the likelihood of reaching gender equality in the future."