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Former manager wins unfair dismissal case

Former manager wins unfair dismissal case

An ex-general manager has been awarded compensation after proving successful during an employment tribunal.

Lawrence McLoughlin took legal action against Colton Electrical, suggesting he had been the victim of unfair dismissal, Personnel Today reports.

He had been employed at the firm for two decades prior to being made redundant.

During a recent hearing, he said that his departure from the company had been blamed on a downturn in business, but the organisation's turnover had showed little change over recent years.

In addition, his employers had just spent £100,000 on a refurbishment.

The tribunal judge ruled that Mr McLoughlin should be awarded £40,326, saying his allegations were well-founded.

According to the Directgov website, workers considering taking legal action against their employers should seek advice concerning the kind of evidence they may have to present in order to be successful.

If they decide to go ahead, they should fill out a claim form called an ET1, it notes.