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Fears of sex discrimination in the City revealed

Fears of sex discrimination in the City revealed

Many female undergraduates at one of the UK's top universities fear they would face sex discrimination if they entered careers in the City, it has been found.

According to a poll of students at Oxford University, 85 per cent believed they would be subject to unfair treatment if they took roles in the financial services sector within the Square Mile, the Times reports.

In total, 450 individuals were questioned at the institution - which currently has in excess of 20,000 students.

It was also found that 70 per cent of women feared this would mean poorer prospects for promotion at work, while around 50 per cent thought they would be dealt with unfairly in terms of culture and pay.

Lesley McLeod, the communications director of the British Bankers' Association, remarked: "The balance of women getting senior positions in banking is slowly changing."

However, she conceded that the process is "perhaps slower than many of us would like".