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Age discrimination 'still an issue in the UK'

Age discrimination 'still an issue in the UK'

Older workers in Britain are still subject to discrimination, it has been claimed.

According to Phil Flaxton, chief executive officer of Work Wise UK, there is a "culture of ageism" among employers.

He made his remarks in response to the announcement of a new government scheme designed to help people aged over 50 to find employment or retrain.

In a recent speech, secretary of state for work and pensions Yvette Cooper revealed that £10 million will be spent on this purpose.

Part of this funding will go towards providing further training for Jobcentre Plus advisers so that they are better equipped to help older workers.

Commenting on the development, Mr Flaxton said it was welcome.

Remarking on the attitude of some organisations, he stated: "If you are over the age of 40 you are on the wrong side of being potentially useful for an employer and if you are over 50 then it is even worse."