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Writing a will 'is helpful for families'

Writing a will 'is helpful for families'

People should ensure they draw up wills as this makes it significantly easier for their relatives when they die.

This is according to an article in the Uxbridge Gazette, which noted that such documents can be particularly necessary for those who have youngsters.

It stated: "When you have children, making sure your wishes are known and written down in a will makes it so much easier for those you leave behind."

The publication went on to note that enlisting the help of a solicitor can be beneficial as this means the document will stand up in court in the event of any disputes.

It added that the process is "simple, quick and painless" and legal experts are on hand to guide consumers at each step of the process.

Recently, Remember A Charity revealed that 63 per cent of people polled would like the chance to leave a video will, with many claiming this would provide them with an opportunity to explain their choices to loved ones.