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Workplace bullying 'is common in UK'

Workplace bullying 'is common in UK'

Bullying in the workplace is common in Britain, an expert has said.

Commenting on the issue, Charlotte Rayner, professor of human resources management at the Portsmouth Business School, Portsmouth University, said while physical violence is fairly rare, verbal abuse is widespread, the Daily Telegraph reports.

She cited figures which suggest that 13 per cent of people polled believe they are the victims of such behaviour on a weekly basis.

In addition, 12 per cent revealed they felt intimidated each week while performing their duties.

It is often people in senior roles who are perceived as bullies, Ms Rayner went on to note.

While it is not possible to make a legal claim about bullying directly, complaints can be made under laws governing discrimination and harassment.

In addition, anyone who is forced to resign due to bullying may be entitled to make a case for constructive dismissal, advice offered by Directgov points out.