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Task force seeks people injured by pushchairs

Task force seeks people injured by pushchairs

A taskforce is currently seeking parents who have been hurt or whose children have been injured as a result of hinge mechanisms on pushchairs.

The Consumer Focus Body was established after problems emerged with some buggies made by Maclaren which caused damage to people's fingers.

According to the investigative team, the problems could be far more widespread, the Daily Mail reports.

It is concerned that other manufacturers may have hinges similar to those made by Maclaren - a firm with roots tracing back to 1965 and operations around the globe.

Head of the Consumer Focus Body Gemma Bowen said: "The team are investigating what can be done to make consumers safer and how best manufacturers and retailers can work to ensure that pushchairs are as safe as they can be."

A number of families in the UK are taking legal action against Maclaren in a bid to secure compensation for injuries they suffered.

Richard Langton, partner at Russell Jones & Walker, who is currently acting for more than thirty affected families, commented: "We commend the work the Consumer Focus Body is undertaking to make pushchairs safer.

"We are currently awaiting a response from Maclaren and its insurers. Although we are aware of incidents involving other makers, at present these are tiny in number compared to the Maclaren cases."