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New employment legislation governing paternity leave 'welcome'

New employment legislation governing paternity leave 'welcome'

New rules set to be implemented in the UK governing paternity leave have been welcomed.

Under the terms of the proposals - which were made in response to a consultation on the subject held at the end of last year - new fathers will be allowed to take up to six months of parental leave while the baby's mother returns to work.

In order to provide firms with enough time to adjust to the alterations, the government will not implement them until next year.

As such, they will apply to parents of children due on or after April 3rd 2011.

Responding to the development, Becky Jarvis, policy officer at Families Need Fathers, said that men and women have been sharing childcare duties for some time but the law has not always reflected this.

She added: "We're pleased that traditional gender roles of mothers as carers and fathers as breadwinners are no longer being reinforced with maternity and paternity leave."