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Man wins compensation over race discrimination

Man wins compensation over race discrimination

A man who claimed he was the victim of race discrimination has been awarded compensation.

Unison representative Brian Kelly was speaking to Ken Bamber from Medway Council in Kent when the latter allegedly made a joke which was offensive to Irish people.

Mr Kelly, who was born in Ireland, argued that the councillor had used the word "Paddy" in an offensive way and thereby been "racist with intent".

He subsequently lodged a complaint and took the matter to an employment tribunal.

In a new development, he has secured several thousand pounds in compensation from the council - which is located on Dock Road in Chatham.

Speaking about the case, Councillor Bamber said: "The council have now decided to draw a line under the matter and it is finally over and I can get on with my job," the Telegraph reports.

He added that he cannot make further comments about the case.