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Woman receives compensation over gender pay discrimination

Woman receives compensation over gender pay discrimination

A woman who was the victim of gender pay discrimination has been awarded compensation.

Kristine Macnab-Grieve worked for the Norfolk Taxi Network, which runs a fleet of 1,000 vehicles, the Daily Mail reports.

Her husband, George, also worked for the organisation and was remunerated more generously than his spouse for performing for the same role.

When the information came to light, Ms Macnab-Grieve took legal action against the firm and she has now been awarded £9,000.

She remarked: "It's possible they thought I didn't know what my husband was earning but we've been married 34 years and have no secrets."

The claimant added that it "took a lot of effort" to take her case to tribunal but she wanted to "make a point".

Meanwhile, Mr Macnab-Grieve added that there was somewhat of a culture of secrecy concerning how much workers were paid and no one really knew what their colleagues received.