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Another victim of breast cancer screening errors identified

Victim of clinical negligence identified

One more woman who suffered as a result of clinical negligence at a hospital in Lancashire has been identified.

According to the BBC, Susan Gilmoure joins a list of 18 other female patients whose breast cancer was missed as a result of screening errors.

So far, seven of the individuals have instructed solicitors to take forward claims for compensation.

The case involved the Accrington Victoria Community hospital, which is run by the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and is situated on Haywood Road in Accrington.

Ms Gilmoure had been given the all-clear by a radiologist at the hospital in 2002 and 2005. However, she discovered she had the disease when she was recalled for a third check-up in December 2008 and saw a different consultant.

The extent of hospital negligence became apparent after internal monitoring in the screening service sparked an independent investigation.

A total of 85 women were re-tested and 14 were diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, while four had a non-invasive form of the disease.