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Sales executive secures £25k in sex discrimination case

Sales executive secures £25k in sex discrimination case

A worker who claimed she was the victim of sex discrimination and constructive unfair dismissal has been successful at tribunal.

Tracey Callaghan alleged that she was treated badly after announcing she was pregnant and eventually had to leave her employer, Aroq, the Bromsgrove Advertiser reports.

She had been with the firm - which is an online publisher of global business information - for three years.

According to Ms Callaghan, she was given fewer people to deal with and was humiliated on a daily basis.

The company contested her claim, denying that she had been discriminated against on the basis of her sex.

However, it failed in its defence and the former employee was awarded nearly £25,000 after successfully arguing both points.

Tribunal chairman Mary Cocks stated: "Ms Callaghan worked in a sad and unfriendly environment during her pregnancy, which affected her."

She was "harassed, humiliated and embarrassed", Ms Cocks added.