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Man paralysed in car crash secures compensation

Man paralysed in car crash secures compensation
A man who suffered serious injuries in a car accident five years ago has been awarded a sum of over £8 million.

Lukasz Borowski was a passenger in the back seat of colleague's car when it crashed on the way to his work at a fruit and vegetable producer.

As a result of the impact, the 27-year-old was left paralysed from the neck down.

He sustained injuries to his spinal cord and also brain damage.

During a recent High Court hearing, a settlement was reached with the Motor Insurer's Bureau - which was established in 1946 to compensate the victims of negligent uninsured and untraced motorists.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: "Mr Borowski was tragically injured whilst a passenger in an uninsured vehicle, resulting in him sustaining extensive back and head injuries which have had a serious impact on his life."

The money received will go towards funding his long-term care.