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Harman calls for scrapping of mandatory retirement age

Harman calls for scrapping of mandatory retirement age

The deputy leader of the Labour Party Harriet Harman has suggested that planned legal changes will mean that over-65s can choose whether or not to leave work.

Retirement is currently mandatory at 65 years, with some employees being forced out of work without redundancy payment, despite the fact they may be willing to continue in their job.

Ms Harman spoke to the Daily Mail, commenting that people are remaining healthy and active well into retirement age but will not be supported legally if they want to remain employed.

"The retirement age is arbitrary, it bears no relation to people's ability. Think of people running their own business - they do not shut up shop suddenly when they reach the age of 65," she explained to the newspaper.

In her career as a politician, Ms Harman has achieved longer maternity leave allowances for new mothers as well as a higher standard rate of pay during their absence.