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Govt tool aims to reduce discrimination

Govt tool aims to reduce discrimination

A new tool has been developed by the government in a bid to reduce discrimination among UK employers.

Called Know Yourself, the internet test describes a range of scenarios and asks users to give their reactions, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Those who participate in the assessment will instantly receive a response concerning whether they subconsciously discriminate against jobseekers on the basis of their race, age or gender, or if they have a disability.

The Department for Work and Pensions - which is the biggest public service delivery department in the country - has produced the test in conjunction with Ernst & Young.

It stated: "We know that businesses need a time-efficient tool and it is being specifically designed to be user-friendly, with links to useful websites for businesses wishing to get further information and advice on equality issues."

A representative from the department added that the test is not designed to spy on managers and it will not lead to the investigation of staff found to be prejudiced.