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Former RI chief sues over alleged sex discrimination

Former RI chief sues over alleged sex discrimination

The former director of the Royal Institution (RI) is suing it over alleged sex discrimination after she was made redundant.

Baroness Greenfield lost her role at the organisation - which is an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the scientific world - because it could no longer afford to keep the post going.

Now, she is taking legal action, accusing the RI of unfair treatment, the BBC reports.

She remarked: "As well as contesting the legitimacy of the process, I will be presenting a claim in the employment tribunal which will include allegations of sex discrimination."

Baroness Greenfield went on to point out that she is the only female who has held the position of director of the institution and she cannot see how the decision to oust her will be in the best interests of the organisation or its members.

Anyone is free to join the RI, which has been in operation for over two centuries.