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Age discrimination 'must be outlawed'

Age discrimination 'must be outlawed'

It is important for regulations designed to prevent age discrimination among UK workers to be enforced.

This is according to an article in the Financial Times, which pointed out that the country's workforce is ageing and this will have repercussions in terms of employment law.

It said: "Age discrimination needs to be outlawed not just in theory but in practice. Skills, not years, are what count."

The publication went on to state that more employers need to learn to be flexible in terms of how staff members' hours are worked out and about offering training later in life.

"This will be easier for some companies than for others," it added.

It is essential that employees are given the chance to work for longer as this is necessary in order to ensure that health and social care can be paid for, the article claimed.

Writing for the BBC recently, a legal expert suggested that the Equality Bill, which is due to come into effect in October 2010, will reduce the risk of workers experiencing unfair treatment.