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Women 'may face post-maternity leave discrimination'

Women 'may face post-maternity leave discrimination'

Women returning to work following periods of maternity leave may face discrimination, it has been claimed.

Commenting on the issue, Catherine Hanly - a parenting expert who provides consultation work at various websites in the field - said new mothers do not always get the support they need.

She remarked: "Anecdotally, I'm sure most people know someone who returned to work after maternity leave and found that their position had changed or that they were edged out of the decision-making process."

Ms Hanly added that small companies can find it difficult to provide the support required by working parents.

Her comments follow the release of research by the National Childbirth Trust, which found that 31 per cent of mothers polled said their relationship with their boss had deteriorated since they had become pregnant, while 39 per cent reported they found going back to work after having a baby 'difficult' or 'very difficult'.