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Woman receives compensation in clinical negligence case

Woman receives compensation in clinical negligence case

A woman has been awarded compensation after being the victim of clinical negligence.

Christine Statham, who was suffering from cancer, was told she required an operation to remove her bladder and no alternative was offered, reports.

Medical professionals at Walsall Hospitals NHS Trust - which employs more than 3,200 staff - failed to inform her that she could have received radiotherapy instead.

Following a nine-hour operation, the 62-year-old was told there was no cancer in the organ surgeons had taken out.

Commenting on the case, Ms Stratham said: "I have lost all faith in Manor Hospital. I was never told radiotherapy was an option and I feel like I was mutilated for no reason."

In a new development, a court ruled she should receive compensation for her pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Meanwhile, Walsall Hospital NHS Trust chief executive Sue James said the organisation has noted the judge's decision.