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Woman claims she was victim of workplace discrimination

Woman claims she was victim of workplace discrimination

A woman who resigned from her job in March this year has claimed she did so because she was the victim of workplace bullying.

Julie Swale was employed by Rochdale Council as part of a school welfare service, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The 49-year-old alleges that she was forced out of her role because she was ill-treated by bosses at the organisation - which is headquartered on Smith Street in Rochdale.

She says that welfare manager Sue Dearden would not speak to her.

Ms Swale remarked: "Most of the time, Sue ignored me. I felt uncomfortable. I didn't feel part of the team. When my computer was taken it affected my self-esteem."

She felt as though she was being set up to fail, she added.

Ms Swale suggests that bullying ensued after she provided a witness statement for an aggrieved colleague.

The former employee is claiming for victimisation, unfair dismissal and sex discrimination and the case remains ongoing.