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Vicar launches constructive dismissal claim

Vicar launches constructive dismissal claim

A vicar who says that he was the victim of bullying has launched a claim of constructive dismissal.

Reverend Mark Sharpe retired on health grounds in September this year, alleging he had been targeted by parishioners.

He took up the role in Teme Valley South ministry in 2005.

Mr Sharpe remarked: "My family and I have been living in a climate of fear ... There have been too many incidences of harassment over the last four years for them to be the odd coincidence," the BBC reports.

He claimed his career has been ruined, along with his health. In addition, his wife and children have suffered, he noted.

The family are now living in Broadheath, Worcester in the West Midlands.

Responding to requests for comment, the diocese said it would be inappropriate to speak about the case before the hearing, which has been postponed by Mr Sharpe on health grounds.