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Recession 'exacerbating disability discrimination'

Recession 'exacerbating disability discrimination'

Disability discrimination among workers in the UK may have been made worse by the recession.

According to new research conducted by Leonard Cheshire Disability, one in 20 disabled people have lost their jobs over the course of the last year, the Independent reports.

Entitled Disability and the Downturn, the study revealed that 52 per cent of people polled had experienced discrimination in the workplace during the previous 12 months.

This was an increase of 11 per cent compared with 2007.

In addition, 43 per cent believed they had been turned down for a job because of their disability, which was a rise of seven per cent on last year.

Responding to the statistics, Leonard Cheshire Disability - which campaigns for the civil and human rights of disabled people and has operations across the UK - said the issue could be exacerbated further as public services are cut.

The authors of the report remarked: "Unemployment has a disproportionately penalising effect on disabled people, a destructive dynamic that is of increasing concern in times of national economic crisis."