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PR boss sues over alleged unfair dismissal

PR boss sues over alleged unfair dismissal

A former PR executive has launched a legal battle against his ex-employer, claiming he was the victim of unfair dismissal.

Richard Saville-Smith is suing VisitScotland, which is headquartered in Edinburgh and delivers a multi-channelled bookings and information service for visitors to the country, the Deadline Press & Picture Agency reports.

He lost his job at the organisation after a period of stress-related depression.

Mr Saville-Smith claims the reasons he was given concerning why he lost his job were not consistent.

During a recent hearing, he read out a passage from a letter he received turning down an appeal he made which said the dismissal had been "based purely on your performance and not on the period of absence".

He went on to read an extract from the initial dismissal letter he was given, which stated: "We feel your health would be adversely affected if you returned."

All the evidence has now been submitted and a decision is due to be made by the panel in the new year.