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Peer seeks libel law reforms

Peer seeks libel law reforms

A peer is promoting changes to libel and defamation laws in the UK, it has been revealed.

Liberal Democrat Lord Lester of Herne Hill is preparing a Private Member's Bill which would build on the Defamation Acts of 1952 and 1996, reports.

The proposed legislation would be introduced in the House of Lords early next year and it is thought it will have the support of a number of campaign groups.

Lord Lester said: "The main problem is the lack of balance in libel law itself between the right to free expression and the right to a good reputation."

The peer, who has been the spokesperson for women and equality since January 8th this year, added that he is seeking to create a better equilibrium in the legislation.

However, he will not go so far as to call for a reverse in the burden of proof, he went on to reveal.

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