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Martin Allen cleared of racial misconduct

Martin Allen cleared of racial misconduct

Football manager Martin Allen has been cleared of racial misconduct, it has emerged.

The former player, who took over at Cheltenham Town in 2008 and has now left the club by mutual consent, was suspended from his role earlier this year over allegations that he abused a nightclub bouncer.

In a new development, the 44-year-old has been cleared by an internal club inquiry.

A statement provided by Allen said he is pleased with the outcome, but it remains unfortunate that it has not been possible to remain at the club.

He added: "I would like to thank Cheltenham for giving me a fair hearing and the League Managers' Association for all of their support, including the legal team at Russell Jones & Walker, during this difficult period."

Allen went on to describe the allegations made against him as untrue, saying they were upsetting and deeply hurtful.

He now intends to put the incident behind him and concentrate on pursuing his career, he said.

Paul Daniels, employment partner at Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "Martin leaves the football club without a stain on his character. The allegations made against Martin were not only without foundation but profoundly upsetting.

"Whilst Martin is very pleased to have been cleared by both the police and Cheltenham Town, following thorough investigations, he is keen to now get back to doing what he loves and knows best, managing a football team.

"Football managers are figures in the public eye and it is all too easy for untrue accusations to be made which can unfairly damage reputations.

"In fact, Martin has always had an exemplary record of dealing with players of all ethnic origins and has been a committed champion of the Kick Racism out of Football campaign for many years."