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'Many parents' want to leave homes in wills

'Many parents' want to leave homes in wills

A considerable number of parents in the UK intend to leave their properties to their children in wills, it has been found.

Figures produced by Aviva reveal that 46 per cent of people aged over 55 expressed such an intention.

However, 39 per cent of their offspring would prefer that they use the money to improve their quality of life, as opposed to scrimping and saving to provide an inheritance.

Director of pensions at UK Life, Aviva Brian Bussell said: "Everyone has their own views on what makes a happy retirement but ... we would urge the UK's older generation to ... make the most of their retirement."

Meanwhile, Aviva - which claims to have around 50 million customers worldwide - also found that there are regional differences in terms of people's propensity to bequeath assets to family members.

While 80 per cent of over-55s in the south-east of England plan to do so, only 50 per cent in Northern Ireland share the intention.