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Man receives £25k over racial discrimination claims

Man receives £25k over racial discrimination claims

A former employee at Kingston Hospital has been awarded compensation totalling £25,000 after he successfully claimed he was the victim of racial discrimination.

Hamid Elkhiyari was dismissed from his role in February after eating garlic bread which belonged to the medical centre but which was due to be thrown away, the London Evening Standard reports.

The 53-year-old had been unable to take his lunch break at the hospital - which has approximately 520 beds - due to heavy snowfall, which had resulted in staff absences.

After deciding the action amounted to theft, bosses at ISS Mediclean sacked him.

In a new development, an employment tribunal upheld Mr Elkhiyari's allegations and decided that his treatment had been unfair.

A spokesperson for the firm said: "At this stage the company cannot make any comment in relation to the tribunal as they are considering their position."

Mr Elkhiyari, meanwhile, claimed that the experience of being dismissed has affected him considerably and his wife has "been through hell".