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Man claims sexual orientation discrimination

Man claims sexual orientation discrimination

A man is suing his former employer, claiming he was the victim of sexual orientation discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Dean Awford worked as a sales manager at Grays At Northwick and says that, while he was at the firm, he was subjected to derogatory terms relating to his sexuality.

The 42-year-old is a former drag queen, but had not regularly performed on stage for a decade.

He has alleged that his ex-boss, David Gray, was sarcastic and condescending.

Mr Awford remarked: "I am a homosexual male and have made no secret of that. During my employment I was subjected to continual harassment due to my sexual preference."

He added that Mr Gray would frequently refer to him as "she" and abusive graffiti was written in indelible ink on a fridge.

Mr Gray denies the allegations and the case remains ongoing.

Workers are protected by law from sexual orientation discrimination and those who feel they have been subjected to it should seek advice. For example, there is an Acas guide available with information in concerning the issue.