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Man claims he was the victim of unfair dismissal

Man claims he was the victim of unfair dismissal

A man has taken his former employer to tribunal, alleging he was the victim of unfair dismissal.

David Hodson performed the role of computer operator at SP Group - a printing firm with operations in a range of locations, including Birmingham and Burnley - until he was sacked after a period of absence, the Kidderminster Shuttle reports.

The 57-year-old travelled to Singapore for an eye operation following a workplace accident and took nearly two months off.

According to the business, he did so without convincing bosses of the need for the treatment.

Speaking during a recent tribunal, Mr Hodson said the retina in his right eye became detached after he was accidently struck on the back of his head by a stiffened rope.

He is seeking to be reinstated in the firm in another position if his case proves successful.

The hearing was adjourned so that further evidence could be gathered.