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Equality Bill amendment 'may help tackle disability discrimination'

Equality Bill amendment 'may help tackle disability discrimination'

An amendment to the newly-passed Equality Bill may lead to a reduction in disability discrimination during the recruitment process.

The proposed legislation - which recently went through the House of Commons and has now been passed on to the Lords - contains provisions for the restriction of pre-employment questionnaires concerning health and disability.

Under the terms of the amendment, employers will be deterred from asking jobseekers questions about their health until after they have shown they meet some of the non-health criteria of the position they are after.

Firms that fail to adhere to this may be found to have contravened the law, if the bill is passed.

The proposed legislation is intended to make Britain a fairer place where individuals can achieve success regardless of their race, age, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs or if they have a disability.

Among the provisions it contains is one under which public bodies will be made more transparent.