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Disabled people 'facing discrimination among SMEs'

Disabled people 'facing discrimination among SMEs'

Small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK may be guilty of disability discrimination.

According to figures released by ComRes and Remploy, less than one in ten (eight per cent) of such firms that do not employ disabled people have an interest in finding out more about recruiting such individuals, reports.

Meanwhile, 65 per cent of the companies surveyed said they were unlikely to hire someone with a learning disability, while 69 per cent reported they would be reluctant to recruit an individual with mental health issues.

Responding to the findings, Tim Matthews, chief executive at Remploy - which aims to increase the employment opportunities of disabled people - said businesses should concentrate on supporting such individuals to achieve their full potential.

He added: "Businesses say they are concerned that disabled employees may not be as loyal as non-disabled colleagues and require more HR support."

However, Remploy's experience shows that disabled people placed into work are more likely to stay in their jobs and take less time off work, he claimed.