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Compensation awarded after delay in cancer diagnosis

Compensation awarded after delay in cancer diagnosis

Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has given compensation to the family of a man who died after delays in the diagnosis of his lung cancer.

In February 2007, Steven Brown was given months to live by medics after it was discovered that he had an inoperable tumour.

Last year, the 70-year-old lost his battle with the condition, which is the second most common form of cancer in Britain, according to Cancer Research UK.

Before doctors found out he had the condition, he had undergone X-rays and an inflammatory lesion in his lung had been discovered.

Commenting on Mr Brown's treatment, his daughter Lorraine Gorman said: "He visited doctors on numerous occasions as he knew something more serious was wrong and although they found inflammation in his lung, dad was only referred to an oncologist in 2007."

Recently, the hospital trust paid the family £28,000 in compensation and a spokesperson expressed condolences to his family and friends.