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Amputee to receive compensation over lorry accident

Amputee to receive compensation over lorry accident
A man who suffered serious injuries as a result of an accident involving a lorry is to secure compensation.

In September 2007, Andrew Howe was hit by a vehicle weighing 44-tonnes as he got out of his car in Chesterfield, South Yorkshire paper the Star reports.

At the time the collision occurred, the lorry was carrying a 29-tonne load of stone to RAF Waddington, which is the main operating base for three airborne intelligence systems.

The 30-year-old family man was unconscious for two months after the incident, which saw him get dragged underneath the juggernaut's rear axle.

According to Ms Justice Swift, he should received a full payout for his injuries as the lorry driver was at fault.

Mr Howe had his right leg amputated by the force of the impact and had to have his left leg removed my medics as well.

He also sustained serious injuries to his right arm and left hand.