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Whistleblower makes unfair dismissal claims

Whistleblower makes unfair dismissal claims

A man who raised concerns over health and safety at the construction firm he worked for is claiming unfair dismissal.

Alan Dransfield was employed by Balfour Beatty as a project manager from March 2005 until June this year, reports.

The whistleblower alleges that he was informed he was to be made redundant two months after he cited breaches of health and safety made by the firm, which has roots tracing back to 1872.

He said he appealed and was granted leave for five months.

In a new development, the ex-employee has been given permission by a judge to go ahead with a claim of unfair dismissal worth up to £300,000.

A spokesperson for Balfour Beatty commented: "Balfour Beatty takes whistleblowing cases very seriously and investigates each one following the processes we have in place."

The amount being sought by the 59-year-old reflects his anticipated loss of earnings as he fears he will unable to secure work before the age of 65.